About Me


I’m a cosplayer, cosmaker, singer, youtuber and gamer from Tijuana B.C, México; however, I’m a full time software developer engineer. Nice to meet you! I always wanted to start cosplaying since I was 16 years old but since I was always working and going to school I never really had the time to dedicate myself on this wonderful art but after I graduated from college I decided to start on this great adventure and honestly I really love it. I love challenges and every cosplay is a new challenge, also it’s a way to go back in time and see how much I’ve improved.

I’m founder of a local YouTube Channel called RGA Gamers, it’s a youtube channel with gameplays, reviews, movie premieres and unboxing videos. This project was born after attending E3 2015 a very dear friend of mine and I decided to start the channel. Our main goal is to share entertainment with the geek/gamer community so don’t forget to visit our channel as well! If you have any questions of if you’ll like to contact me, feel free to follow me on my social networks! Welcome and thank you very much for visiting my website!

Appearances with RGA gamers

As you probably you already know I’m founder of RGA Gamers youtube channel, I can say this project started all of this which is why I dedicate a lot to this project. Here’s a youtube playlist of my appearances with the team, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thank you!