Lucy from Elfen Lied

Lucy/Nyu (real name: Kaede) is the main character, protagonist and anti-heroine/anti-villainess of the Elfen Lied series. The so-called ‘Queen’ Diclonius, Lucy, was an individual difficult to pin down by any standard of “good” or “evil” societal mores. She was both ruthlessly tormented and was also a sadistic tormentor to others, driven to a mental breakdown at an early age by the cruelty that surrounded her. Aside from the fact that I liked this anime it was a dear friend of miner suggestion, it took us around 3 months until we had the chance to get a great photoshoot to upload new material of this new cosplay. As always, thank you Alchemy Cosplay Photography  for your excellent work!

Debuted: February 2017

Event/Con: Amai Kisu 2016

City/Country: Tijuana,  Baja California, México