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130cm Black Lady’s Cospaly Wig Review from L-Email Wig

Hello! L-Email Wig sent me this beautiful 51.18 inch cosplay wig for my Black Lady’s Cosplay. This cosplay wig is […]

Red Lilly Cosplay - Reviews - Asuka Langley Swimsuit It's Heroe's Time

Asuka Langley Swimsuit Review – It’s Hero’s Time

This is my review on Asuka Langley’s swimsuit from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion by It’s Heroe’s Time. The Price Price is […]

Red Lilly - Tutorial - Rmove an object in Photoshop

Remove object from a photo

I’ll start working on some Photoshop basic tutorials that could help you on your way if you’re a new cosplayer […]

Red Lilly Cosplay - How to retouch Red Hair - Tutorial

How to retouch red hair?

Honestly Red Lilly is not a very creative name haha but the reason why I choose it was because I […]

Red Lilly Cosplay - Reseña de Peluca - Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Long Wavy Fashion Wig Review

Hello! This is the quick review of the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Long Wavy Fashion Wigs that I received from L-Email Wig. […]

Contact Lenses Basics

Hello again! This is a quick tutorial on how to put on and remove contact lenses, if this is your […]

Ophiuchus Shaina Mask

For my Ophiuchus Shaina cosplay mask I bought a regular $4 dollar black mask from Party City or you can also […]

Alice Liddell’s Vorpal Blade

Mi first big challenge was Alice’s Vorpal Blade from Alice: Madness Returns video game so I want to share the steps […]