Keep in mind that it’s not necessary for you tu support me on Patreon to follow my work; however, the support from Patreon allows me to devote my time to cosplay and creating new costumes and content much faster. Because of patreon I am able to create at least one costume every single month, sometimes more! With you help I can keep doing that I love and on top of that you get some exclusive content and before anyone else.

About Patreon

Well, Patreon is an online platform that allows fans/friends/family/followers to support creative works such as creating cosplay with recurring monthly payments. In return, you get exclusive content and rewards which you will either get early access or exclusives that will not be available on any of my social media.

How does it work?

My Patreon is configured on a monthly basis, which means that your pledge will be charged in the first few days of every month, and you will also receive your rewards monthly. Feel free to view the different rewards levels on my blog.

What will you get from my Patreon?

Depending on the tier you subscribe on are the types of rewards you’ll get but rewards goes from fansigns all the way to video calles, exclusive 1-1 gameplays, signed prints 8.5 x 11″, karaoke songs and so much more!

If you wish to know all the details you can visit my Patreon profile at

Octuber Rewards