I decided to include a donation on my website because I was getting a lot of request from many people that want to support my project and it ended up being a frequent question. My first answer will always be to please subscribe to my Patreon because it’s the correct crowfunding platform to do this because you receive exclusives thanks to your pledge; however, I know that some of you do not have debit/credit cards, here you can pay by bank deposit, you can also pay with cash but you need to pay at a local Oxxo or 7eleven in Mexico, unfortunately this option is only available for LATAM.

You can incremate your donation $5 dollars by $5 dollars (89 mexican peso), simply select how much would you like to donate as well as speciying on your notes (before placing your order) on what you would like me to spend your donation. Thank you very much!


Your donation will be used for one of the following:

  • Cosplay: If you’ll like I can mentioned that you sponsored the cosplay.
  • Shoes
  • Wigs
  • Contact Lensses
  • Marketing (Business cards, Facebook Ads, promotions, etc)
  • Trips to my events (Plane or bus tickets, or gas for my trip)
  • Props materials
  • Or simply a small donation without expecting anything in return

I’ll send you photos or videos of the things I buy thanks to your donotation, however, please be respectful before making your request or I’ll have to cancel orders. Thank you for your consideration.