Asuka Langley Pool Party Costume Review

This is my review on Asuka Langley’s swimsuit from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion by It’s Heroe’s Time.

The Price

Price is super accessible, you can get the swimsuit fo $29.00 USD, we’re talking about a cheaper price compared to other anime/geek license brands that goes around $40 USD + shipping. Cost to me is very reasonable.


When it comes to shipping cost and time frame it’s always a hassle, either you don’t get it in time or you pay a lot for shipping, but It’s Hero’s time sent me the swimsuit within 4 business days on regular standard shipping, it’s worth mentioning that the package was sealed and good condition, sometimes packages get lost or damaged.


Red Lilly Cosplay - Reviews - Asuka Langley Swimsuit It's Heroe's Time


Swimsuit Quality

Well, let’s start with the swimsuit quality, the swimsuit comes in a plastic bag that’s very useful to take your swimsuit where ever you go that will keep your swimsuit on excellent conditions.


Red Lilly Cosplay - Reviews - Asuka Langley Swimsuit It's Heroe's Time

Talking about the print quality you can see vivid colors and excellent print quality, since we’re talking about spandex fabric usually these kind of suits if you stretch them the print quality doesn’t look the same after stretching it but this one does.


As you can see I’m stretching the swimsuit and the print when it’s back to it’s original shape looks great.

Now let’s talk about seaming on the suit, first of all you can see that the overlock seaming is there and it’s crucial to keep your suit all together therefore you shouldn’t worry about this at all, additionally you’ll see breast cushions that makes your swimsuit super comfortable to wear.

Some suites do not fit your body shape but honestly this swimsuit fits perfectly on my body type.

Here’s the final result of Alchemy Cosplay Photography photoshoot.


Overall I really liked this swimsuit, I strongy recommend this product, it’s worth the money and you get it in time, swimsuit quality is great, if you wish to order you can order it at

Red Lilly Cosplay - Reviews - Asuka Langley Swimsuit It's Heroe's Time

Las but not least here’s their contact information and social media so you can follow them and stay up to date with new products and promotions:

Official Website: It’s Hero’s Time

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