Vaporum Review for PlayStation 4

Vaporum is a dungeon crawler and starting with the look of the game I can say that Fatbot Games payed attention to every detail so that we can imagine ourselves exploring an abandoned complex from the Industrial Revolution, honestly this is my first time playing a Steampunk videogame and never thought I liked it so much.

Our enemies here are the mobs, as as well as the look and design of the game the mobs don’t go as the usual giant spiders or goblins, instead they have a more industrial look to stick with the Steampunk look and feel; however, there’s a lack of variety. Although you will encounter some new mobs as you get into the deeper levels, a large chunk of the game is spent fighting the same handful of creatures.

Now talking about the story, is a typical story of trying to figuring out “Who you are?” or “Where you’re at” type of story, you will come across notes and audio diaries left by the missing inhabitants to feed you the rest of the story, but honestly I found the story too predictable.

Starting with two slots for weapons and shields, as you progress on levels your rig will increase in hit points and energy, which is used power your gadgets, such as leveling up your equipment.

Each weapon category will have a fast attack, low damage option, and a slower, higher damage choice. For melee, you will get blades which deal additional damage to organic mobs, and blunt weapons for the mechanical beasts. You will find upgrades along the way, but like circuits, your upgrade paths are fairly linear.

Now, I honestly love puzzles and you can find a variety of puzzles with different difficulty that will stop your progress until you complete them and at one point it was difficult for me to get through them or to even understand them.

My conclusion on this game

I think the developers did a great job of bringing this genre back and I enjoyed playing Vaporum. They pretty much took an dungeon crawl, redesign it and adapted it to a fresh Steampunk look and feel, modern mechanics to give that unique look, but again the story was too predictable, I honestly think they had a lot of great things to focus on the story a little bit more.

Thank you very much PR for giving me the opportunity to play and review this game. I’ve played in on PlayStation 4.