Contact Lenses Basics

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Contact Lenses Basics:

  1. Make sure to check with the optometrist before buying your contact lenses, it’s important to check with a professional.
  2. Contact lenses will come either on 2 small bottles or 1 case, you’ll get 2 small bottles for your pair of contact lenses, before opening them make sure they’re not damaged in any way if they are contact your provider and request a replacement asap.
  3. You’ll need a Fresh Multi-Purpose Solution Travel Kit 2 Oz. (Lens Case Included), you can buy them at your local optometry, pharmacy or if you prefer online shopping then you can visit Amazon
  4. Check with your optometrist how long will those contact lenses last, it varies, some of them last 1 week and other’s around 2 – 4 months, do not use them anymore if they already expired.

Before putting your contact lenses on

  1. Lens cases should indicate either with different color or a letter which side goes on which slot, for example: Some cases indicates R as the “Right” side and others have different colors so just make sure you know exactly which contact lens should go on which eye.
  2. Open the cleaning solution that came with your multi-purpose kit and drop the solution on each side of the case.
  3. Open your contact lenses to take them out of the package or bottle with your fingers but being careful with your nails to avoid damaging the lenses, or alternately use a q-tip to take them out of the package/bottle or contact lenses tweezers with rubber ends.
  4. Once you have the first contact lens out put it in the case and let them soak in the solution.
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 on the second contact lens.
  6. Leave them soaking around 2 hours before putting them on, it’s super important to clean them and to make sure you wont get any infection on your eyes.

How to put them on?

  1. After leaving your contact lenses on the solution for around 2 hours, we’re ready to put them on
  2. Make sure your face is completely clean, no make up
  3. Wash your hands completely, it’s very important not to forget this or you might catch an eye infection.
  4. With your middle or index finger take the contact lens out, remember you must identify which side you’re putting on first by looking at the R for right or L for Left on your case.
  5. After taking the contact lens out pass it on the back of your hand to get rid of any liquid excess, this will make it a lot easier for you to put them on
  6. Put the contact lens on either your middle finger or index finger
  7. Looking at the other side slide the first contact lens, you might need your other hand to place it on your eye because sometimes it sticks to your finger and it wont get inside your eye.
  8. Once it’s on your eye, look at the other side and blink several times until the eye aligns with your iris and you’re done! Your first contact lens is on.
  9. Follow the same process on the other eye

How to remove contact lenses?

  1. Wash your hands completely again, it’s very important not to forget this or you might catch an eye infection.
  2. With your index or middle finger tip slide the contact lens down until you can grab it with your fingers to take it out
  3. Place it back on it’s respective side of the case, depending if you removed your right contact lens or your left contact lens
  4. Follow the same process on the other eye and you’re done!

The first time you put them on or remove them it will feel a little weird but you’ll get use to this. I hope this is helpful and don’t forget to share your thoughts or ask me any questions on the comments section. Thank you!

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