How to retouch red hair?

Honestly Red Lilly is not a very creative name haha but the reason why I choose it was because I couldn’t simply use my name Lilly because there’s a lot of websites with that name and I had my red hair for over 5 years alread, also a lot of my friends calls me Red and here’s where my cosplayer name was born.

I want to share a small video tutorial how do I retouch my red hair, how do I keep it very bright and a couple of FAQ I usually get from friends or followers. It’s worth mentioning that this tutorial is not only for Red Color, it will work for any fantasy color (Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Purple, etc)

Important Notes

  • I did NOT use bleach to go from my natural hair to red. I honestly don’t recommend it because it’s very bad for your hair, what I did instead was dye my hair using commercial colors red or ginger colors and waited around 2 years to have the tone I desired so patience was my best friend here.
  • I cannot guarantee that you’ll have the same result if you use a different brand from the one I’m using, unfortunately there’s a lot of brands out there and tones are not the same.
  • This tutorial is only to add color and not to dye your hair from a dark color to red, if you’re going to follow this tutorial you must have your hair already blonde or ginger.


  1. What’s your natural hair color? Dark Brown.
  2. Did you bleached your hair color to dye it red? No, I dyed my hair using commercial brands such as Garnier, Koleston, Revlon for around 2 years, ginger color until I got the desired tone, I don’t recommend using bleach on your entire hair because it damages your hair.
  3. How often do you have to retouch your hair? Every 2 weeks.
  4. Do you dye your hair or you go to a beauty salon? No, it will be very expensive if I go to a beauty salon also my way of thinking is “Why should I pay for something I can do myself?”.
  5. Is it expensive to maintain? Not really, since I dye my hair all by myself it’s very affordable, dye does around $9 dollars and the bleach you get a big one.
  6. How do you maintain the red color longer? Do not wash your hair with hot water, do not use shampoo a lot, you can use conditioner instead 2 or 3 days a week, shampoo does take a lot of your color away and try to get a special treatment for red hair, usually it has red dye on it so it gives a little bit of color to your hair every time you wash it.
  7. If I leave a stain on my bathtub, how can I get rid of it? Honestly is very difficult to get rid of it but I use acid for my bathtub *****CAUTION*** Do not attempt to clean your bathtub with the acid without using the proper equipment such as gloves, a respirator, also open your windows so the smell does not stay in your house, do not use it when children or pets are near by.
  8. Do you have to bleach the roots? Yes every time, because my natural hair is dark brown I do need to bleach the roots; however, it will not damage your hair as much since is “virgin” hair.

What do you need?

  1. Bleach powder
  2. Developer preferably number 20
  3. A mixing bowl, you can buy it from any beauty supply.
  4. Brush, you can buy it from any beauty supply.
  5. Gloves, you can buy it from any beauty supply.
  6. Kuul Red Dye (or any fantasy color you preffer)
  7. A cap so you don’t stain dye on your clothes.


  1. Try to wear a t-shirt or hoodie that has a zipper in the front so you don’t stain your clothes with bleach or dye (Jump to step number 2 if you have a place to wash your hair without taking a shower).
  2. Bleach the roots
    1. Open the bleach powder and add 3 scoops on the mixing bowl.
    2. Open the developer and drop half a bottle on the mixing bowl.
    3. Mix well until both the bleach and developer are combined.
    4. Put on your gloves.
    5. Section your hair starting with the crown.
    6. Start aplying the bleach with your brush on the roots, starting from the crown.
    7. Continue applying the bleach on the back of your head until you cover all the roots.
    8. Once you’re done, with your fingers start massaging carefully your head for around 1 minute.
    9. Leave it for no more than 6 minutes, you’ll notice your hair will turn blonde very quickly.
    10. Wash your hair and make sure you apply conditioner because as I mentioned before, bleach damages your hair.
    11. Wash the mixing bowl and brush because we’re going to use it with the red dye.
  3. Dry your hair: Our hair is wet right now because we already wash the bleach away and before we apply the dye our hair needs to be completely dry.
  4. Apply the Red Dye.
    1. Open the red dye.
    2. Empty the red dye on the mixing bowl.
    3. Put on your cape to avoid staining your clothes.
    4. Section your hair starting with the crown.
    5. Start applying the red dye starting from the roots.
    6. Apply the dye red on your entire hair.
    7. Leave it there for around 15 minutes, since we’re only adding color to your hair there’s no need to leave it longer.
  5. Wash your hair until you wash away the dye completaly.
  6. Dry and style your hair.

I hope this tutorial helps you, don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel to watch future video or to share this post to someone that could be helpful. If you have any questions you can leave your comment below. Thank you!

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